My love for photography finally came into play this weekend. I had been waiting for an opportunity to test where my skills are at and even though I might’ve had chances before I was too scared to try. This time was different, it was for chummys’ birthday, so I couldn’t say no! Who’s chummy you ask? My best friend, really. But overall she’s my sister, my baby sister to be exact and that is why this photo session was pretty special. Now, let me correct that, it’s not REALLY her birthday since it past like 6months ago but it falls in the winter and there’s only so much you can do during that time, so we postponed it till the summer. Anywho if you’re hispanic you definitely know that turning 15 is kinda a REALLY BIG DEAL, especially for girls! I’ll be honest, even though it’s a big deal, it was never for me. I don’t know something about a big party, putting on a dress, being all girly really wasn’t for me, maybe a least at that time, So I never had a big bash and really, I don’t regret it. BUT my sister is totally opposite to me when it came to this, she wants EVERYTHING possible haha… and I’m kinda glad she went through with it because she’s special to me and knowing I get to be part of her day makes me oh so very happy. BACK TO THE PICTURES… so her party is going to end up being in paradise, yes, white sand and salty ocean, just how everyone likes it. It’s going to be fun, and more pictures will definitely come, but for now we wanted to take a photo session of her, in her beautiful dress at a local park and here is what came out of it!











There are so many more photos we got, but that’s all for now!
Super excited for next month!

P.s. Definitely not an expert in photography, but I tried and still learning as I go, woop woop 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Maritza, xo.



  1. Lopez
    July 22, 2014 / 5:37 am

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful model, love you both! Great photography skill.

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