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Strawberry picking season has arrived folks and no one would understand how long I’ve been waiting for this. I LOVE strawberries, they are delicious in everything– salads, smoothies, yogurt and the list goes on. I think this has been the third year that we’ve made the attempt to go, the last two years we totally missed it but I’m super happy we made time for it this year. Time to brainstorm what yummy desserts to make!

Strawberry Picking06252016_3065

Strawberry Picking06252016_3096

Strawberry Picking06252016_3110

Strawberry Picking06252016_3165

Strawberry Picking06252016_3157

Strawberry Picking06252016_3177

Strawberry Picking06252016_3131-2

Strawberry Picking06252016_3208

Strawberry Picking06252016_3192

Strawberry Picking06252016_3056

Strawberry Picking06252016_3222

Strawberry Picking06252016_3234

Strawberry Picking06252016_3151-3

Strawberry Picking06252016_3220

Strawberry Picking06252016_3240

Strawberry Picking06252016_3136-2

Strawberry Picking06252016_3233

Strawberry Picking06252016_3212

Strawberry Picking06252016_3250-2

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