ROCK DUNDER07142016_4336One of the many beautiful trails Ontario has to offer is Rock Dunder, located in Kingston, ON. We both took the day off and got to head out into the woods, where we both LOVE to be. The drive was about 3 1/2 hrs but, we left at 5am and got an early start. I’m far from being a morning person but with views like these who could complain! This is probably the only excuse that could get me up without a problem. If you’re looking for a moderate hike and want something new to do this summer, explore this place it’s worth it.

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4205

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4255

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4156

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4238

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4253

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4247

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4147

I could sit up here and soak in this view forever!

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4270

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4159

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4325

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4383

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4330

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4203

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4294

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4267

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4301

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4098

ROCK DUNDER07142016_4199


ROCK DUNDER07142016_4352

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