Misters Birthday 2015-12

It was MISTERS birthday this past weekend, so obviously we celebrated and guess with what? …A DONUT CAKE! Who doesn’t love a donut cake? *droooool*

He started off the day by saying he couldn’t sing Taylor Swifts “22” song anymore… even though he stopped singing that two yrs back! haha! ¬†Well we all leave that song behind eventually.
The rest of the day was a surprise to him, he had no idea what to expect. Sneaky me!

Misters Birthday 2015-15

Misters Birthday 2015-16

Misters Birthday 2015-19

Misters Birthday 2015-18

Misters Birthday 2015-21

One of my gifts to bubsy was a personalized monopoly board, which I thought was a cute and cheesy, and we like cheesy! Meap. If interested in this awesome board, click here.

Misters Birthday 2015-23

Misters Birthday 2015-24

Misters Birthday 2015-26

SURPRISE! We came to the CN TOWER- and as per my hint for mister “We’re about to get the best view of the city of Toronto”

Misters Birthday 2015-27

While we waited for our time to head up the tower, there was a train museum across and we decided to look around.

Misters Birthday 2015-29

Misters Birthday 2015-25

Up we went to… “THE EDGE WALK” – yay.

Misters Birthday 2015-6

Misters Birthday 2015-2

Misters Birthday 2015-5

Misters Birthday 2015-4

Misters Birthday 2015-9

Misters Birthday 2015-7

Misters Birthday 2015-3

WE DID IT! I won’t lie and say I wasn’t scared at all. At first I thought this couldn’t be too bad, but when you actually realized how high up you are, it can get to you. Once we made it past the first activity, my heart settled down and things weren’t too bad from there. It was a pretty great experience and I’m super happy we got to do this especially on misters birthday. Check off of our bucket list.

Misters Birthday 2015-36

After an awesome experience, we headed over to copa cabana for dinner- delicious.

Misters Birthday 2015-35

Misters Birthday 2015-38

Misters Birthday 2015-41

And after we decided to end the day with heading back to the CN tower and watching the sunset.

Misters Birthday 2015-46

Misters Birthday 2015-45

I would say he seemed pretty happy about his birthday, which makes me happy.
Misters Birthday= Successful.


Thanks for reading,

Maritza, xo.


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