Our annual church camp has been a tradition that we’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. It’s a time we all step outdoors, enjoy what nature has to offer but most importantly a weekend full of spiritual growth with Christ. This year we headed to a camp site not too far from the city, called “Upper Canada Camp“. Although, we normally head up north this camp ground was a nice one.

The bible verse that we all dedicated our time to meditate and reflect on that weekend is found in Psalm 51: 1, 10, 13.
Before I get in detail on how this bible passage spoke to me personally, something I found interesting was that one of the key ways the pastor taught on how to properly read the bible is as follows. The first thing you need to do in order to fully understand what you are about to read in the bible is to 1. PRAY– before anything you want to pray so that the Lord can give you full understanding and discernment to be able to gain knowledge and wisdom through His word. 2. READ the FULL passage– depending on how you read the bible, lets just say you follow a devotional; you want to read the full context of it first without breaking it down yet,¬†once you’ve done that you know what comes next. 3. PRAY again– now that you know exactly what it is that you will be meditating on, you want to ask The Lord to speak to you through what you just read. To help you find in His word how this can make an impact in your life and help you grow as a Christian. Once you’re done praying, taking the example of Psalm 51: 1,10,13; you now start breaking it down. 4. READ one verse at a time– this is probably one of the most important aspect because this is how you make it personal.¬†Making it personal is how our Heavenly Father will be able to speak to us in view of the fact that everyones lives are different, everyone has their own struggles so they themselves need to pour out their hearts to the Lord so he can speak to them through His word. And lastly after you’ve read one verse and have reflected on it, you, 5. PRAY again– this is continual cycle that we all need to learn to do when reading the bible. Its taking one verse, making it personal on how it can change our lives and praying so that we are always in communication with our Creator and constantly rejuvenate our relationship with Him.


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Psalm 51: 1,10,13 – What spoke out to me?

1- That I am a sinner, that I need to recognize it and ask for forgiveness so that I may receive the mercy of The Lord. That he may look past my sins and that I need to always look to live the life God wants me to live.
10- Asking God to cleanse me and make me a better person according to His will and to help me walk in His ways so that my heart is pure in His presence and that my soul searches for Him always
13- Let my way of living be an example to those around me, so that they can return to the Lord and seek Him.

It’s just like a quote I like that says “Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, other can see Him”

Have blessed long weekend.

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Maritza, xo.


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