It’s 6:30am, and we’re off. Finally, my obsession was going to come to a rest OR just get worse! Friday morning couldn’t have came any faster for me, one of my BIGGEST dreams was coming true. I always knew Canada was a beautiful country, especially living in it, but what was coming for the next couple of days was beyond anything I had ever seen before.








Saw this little guy along the way



Hello mister chipmunk!





First day, we got there around noon and still had a pretty good amount of time left of the day to start adventuring! The only sucky part was that the airport to Banff was 2hrs away. After getting our rental we were on our way… as I have mentioned previously a million times, I am obsessed with mountains, so you can only imagine the look on my face as we started to approach the rockies, I’m pretty sure my heart stopped a few times. Seeing those sugar coated peaks [as I like to call them] from far got me way excited.

After what seemed like the longest ride ever, we FINALLY arrived, I was complete.
It felt like a dream, I couldn’t get my eyes off of all those wonderful looking mountains. Theres definitely something about mountains that give me a sense of calm and peacefulness.

We got to our hotel, threw our stuff and we were on our way. Our first stop [and actually thinking about it] the ONLY stop of that day was SULPHUR MOUNTAIN. My expectations of the Canadian Rockies were VERY high, and being there, seeing everything around me blew any expectation I ever had. We took a gondola ride right by our hotel up to Sulphur mountain, the view was incredible and breathtaking. As you are going up, you start to feel a rush realizing how something so beautiful exists. The only thought crossing my mind during that time was, only our powerful Lord and Creator could’ve made mountains as fascinating as these. Getting to the top was just something out of those amazing photographs you see of the Rockies everywhere, unreal. Roaming around the mountain, shooting pictures and taking in the scenery I knew then and there we would have an unforgettable experience on this trip.

*Can you spot me in the last picture?- Bet you didn’t notice!

P.s -Oh and by the way, chipmunks are really friendly there. They will come up to you no problem haha. Watch out for your food. You’ve been warned!

STAY TUNED for more mountains coming your way.

Thanks for reading,

Maritza, xo.


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