Morning Sickness: NONE!

Swelling: By the end I was super swollen, it was bad. My face and especially my feet.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Same cravings as before but nothing in particular.

Weight Gain: I ended up gaining 30-35 pounds by the end of my pregnancy. I went to 41 weeks

Workouts: Walking to get this baby especially once I was past due. I climbed outdoor stairs and tried workout videos to naturally induce labour.

Sleep: What is sleep?!?! Definitely a lot harder, can’t turn properly and constant trips to the washroom, like 10x a night.

Baby Movements: YES! All the baby kicks and turns. He has always been super active but now I can really feel the hits, especially around my ribs- ouch!

Fatigue: Back to exhaustion, I’m heavier and slower to move around.

Baby Size: (28 weeks- 40 weeks) Size of an eggplant to the size of a watermelon

Due Date: August 23rd but this baby decided to take his sweet ol’ time.

We’re excited to meet you baby boy! xo


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