IT’S TRUE, WE’RE HAVING A BABY! We couldn’t be more happier about this news and we couldn’t wait to finally share our joy. I am currently 14 weeks and beginning my second trimester, YAY! What a relief because the last two weeks haven’t been the greatest at all, but I see the light coming real soon- I hope. I found out I was pregnant early December which was perfect timing since we were back in Ontario visiting family, so what a better Christmas present then that! We told just our immediate families but before spreading the news to everyone else we wanted to come back home and make sure everything was looking great. We got back in January and had everything checked. Thank God baby is doing well and measuring how it’s suppose to.

As for me, the first few weeks weren’t too bad I actually thought I was having it great and I was until Week 9. Once I hit my 9th week it all went down hill from there, my nausea started coming to life and constant heart burns, acid reflux and migraines were hitting me hard- actually still are, especially headaches.

I will be doing bump dates once my belly starts showing, but I’m currently not showing yet so we’ll see when this little babe decides to start making it’s appearance. We also can’t wait to find out if this little bubba is a boy or girl, but we will be finding out for sure- so stay tuned for a gender reveal too! Woohoo!

Thanks for stopping by,

Maritza, xo.


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