My birthday weekend was something I had been dreaming about for a while! I had scouted out this place about 4 years ago and told Brandon I really wanted to go one day. Earlier this year we were talking about birthdays and I happened to look up the availability ( which is usually ALWAYS booked up ) and MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND WAS OPEN, I was soo happy so we booked the time right away. THE END! :))
I knew coming to this place I would NOT be disappointed and I sure wasn’t. We played around with sheep and chickens as they roamed around the property and they also tried coming into the cottage lol. Alexis and Manny left us a welcoming gift for when we got there- a basket of fresh eggs, milk, butter and A LOAF OF BANANA BREAD! like c’mon- I nearly cried. Needless I could go on but these photos will do the talking.

All booking details can be found here: Here OR Here

Alexis and Manny were such amazing hosts, we had such an unforgettable time there. We cannot wait to visit again!

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Maritza, xo.