Coming from someone who hates the snow, wait, scratch that, more like hates the COLD, I do have a found appreciation for how nature takes a toll especially when winter comes around.

There’s just something beautiful about it! Possibly has to do with infatuation I have with the color white. Hehe. I wish everything was white…But in all seriousness, the breathtaking and lovely clean way the snow looks when it has just fallen, without foot prints or dirt. Just beautiful. And how can we forget about those cute little snow flakes that fall slowly from the sky on a winter day. Crazy to think that, each one of them were made so different and unique, there isn’t one that’s the same, just like us people, and that’s what makes us all special.

But most importantly during the winter comes the best holiday of all ( in my opinion, that is ).. CHRISTMAS! Yay! Which passed already but Christmas definitely wouldn’t be the same for me if I didn’t have a white Christmas. I KNOW, so cliché. But it’s what brings it to life and makes it a lot more festive.


So I guess for now, I’ll just continue to enjoy this over looked season as it comes.









Thanks for reading.

Maritza, xo.


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